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    world composition

    world composition

    07-07-2018, 12:11 PM, shows , where I am in all of this, just starting the process as I'm not progressing towards that, but the two tiles aren't lining up , as one is a lot higher than the other, but they line up on x' axis at least. Pls see attachment png.

    Whats causing this ?I have very little exp, so far with world bldg, but now with step 1 very completed, - I need to go in that direction.

    As you can clearly see, the two tiles are not lining up- maybe there is a step I missed but I doubt it.
    Have things changed since that waS posted, causing this behavior ?


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    Solo but Seismic - feel free to apply

    You can set the persistent level as the current active level, then you can use the landscaping tools to draw between the seams, and use the flatten tool or the other tools to do this.

    If this doesn't work, you have done something wrong and have to start again - its better to get it right first time before continuing.

    This is the best video to watch, it covers everything, including creating blank tiles:

    I think the trouble comes when you start creating a level which doesn't have world composition enabled, then when you do enable it, it doesn't have any bounds (i have no idea how to change these, or if its even possible)