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    ok so I want to make a mmorpg but I don’t know where to Start.
    I want it to have servers, customization, quests and dungeons.
    i have blender and makhuman I have no money to spend on it

    you know when people say things take a certain amount of man hours? MMoRPG's are calculated in man YEARS. skyrim took 300 man years to create. 100 people took 3 years to build it.
    how are you going to pay for the massive server cluster you will need to host such an MMoRPG?

    you don't know where to start? first you will need to rebuild ue4's network code to support massive online play, build account and login systems for your players, build database's for everyone's items in the game, have massive redundancy for it all so that WHEN not IF you have server crashes no one looses all there progress and items.

    got all that done?
    OK, now you can start building your game.

    now you need to create 1000's of quests, 100s of npc's, code AI for the npc's, create a few 100 different types of enemy's, build a scaling system for them so they get more difficult as they level up, build AI for them and then decide early if they are going to fight each other to level up or are you going to manually place them all at the right areas with the right levels attached to them.
    you need a level system for the player.
    you need to balance everything in the game so nothing is over powered.
    you need to do all this without having major bugs

    oh and you need an interesting story.
    you need an intuitive interface and control scheme.
    you need to make sure it can run on a huuuuuuuge amount of pc configs ranging from low to high end, or you wont have many players.

    all that, and you will have a cookie cutter MMoRPG.
    now you need to make it unique and make people want to play it.

    maybe you should start with something less ambitious to begin with.
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    Originally posted by ixicalibur
    Here you go, this is a link to every tutorial you could ever need plus instructions to access all the collective knowledge of mankind: [Super massive awesome link that every amazing game developer uses to instantly learn to be super awesome at making stuff]


      The "I want to make an MMO" should be a sticky.