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How do i select all vertices/edges around a certain part of a bsp and center pivot?

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    How do i select all vertices/edges around a certain part of a bsp and center pivot?

    Another question i have is i'm having trouble controlling the bsp into what i want it to do. i hope these pics will help u as im terrible at explaining things. What I'm trying to do is make a trapezoid like interior, maybe a special hexagon shape. Going for a forerunner design look from halo but can't get the vertices to work like maya or max. I'm trying to select all the vertices around the top edges, both inner and outer and scale them but I'm failing hard at it. First i tried selecting the vertices and i haven't found a way to select all vertices around one side so i had to individually select which is a pain because when i mess up i have to reselect all of them again because Ctrl Z doesn't let me reselect the vertices. Clearly there must be a faster way and i don't know how. If you do that would be great. And than I tried right clicking and center pivot but i had no luck, i don't even know why it's not in the center to begin with but all well. And than when i even somehow get them all selected and get the pivot in the center, using "pivot here" and try scaling, it won't work, it will either scale a part of it. Or if it does scale it jumps a huge distance and if i undo it, i have to reselect all the vertices again. Hope you can understand my dilemma here.

    Here are the edges I'm trying to select using vertices. Outer ones are in red and inner ones in blue. it would be nice if i could select them quicker and scale both the blue and red towards each other. But so far i have found no way to do that.
    Click image for larger version

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    Here is where i have selected all the vertices around the outer to edges and as you can see the scale tool is on the last vertex i selected. BTW i apologize if there is a different terminology for unreal for vertex and edges unlike maya or max im just use to those words.
    Click image for larger version

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    As you see here i select Pivot>Center on selection but it ends up here instead
    Click image for larger version

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    So i try snapping and it goes to the center where i had it but its at the bottom somewhere god knows where.
    Click image for larger version

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    So i have to eye ball it but that clearly shouldn't be the way to do it as its a bad way to make a level.
    Click image for larger version

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    But if i snap it to the center with the snap option first, than select center on selection second that it works.
    Click image for larger version

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    But than when i go to scale, first it won't highlight unless i have Ctrl begin pressed while doing this, and than this happens and after i try undoing i lose all the work of selecting the vertices. as you could see though the distance was not even all the way around. i had grid snap at 0.25. I selected both X and Z to scale evenly but it didn't work. Click image for larger version

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    What im trying to do is make it have this kind of shape, one the left, and on the right is what i want to try to do to make it look more forerunner but i don't know how to split around the way i want it too without splitting the wrong side. so im gonna try in maya adding edge loops and fixing it.
    Click image for larger version

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    But it would be nice if there was a way to just do the scaling quickly for both evenly, like this.
    Click image for larger version

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    And the subtractive bsp is suppose to go down inside thee additive hollow hexagon shape to make the interior piece. bit i brought it up so you could see it. Btw sorry for the poor drawings was using snipping tool and paint with print screen to help visually. If there are any good hot keys that could help me it would be great to know. And also if you do know how to help me, in advance try to talk as if i'm completely ****** cuz i suck at new programs lol. so go step by step explained detailed on what exactly i do lolz.
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    Also i know BSP tool isn't the way to go but when it comes to making buildings and their interior and blocking out areas it's a lot easier for me, i usually stick with static meshes the rest of the time.
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      Hi Ferginator,

      There is a lot of functionality that should and has been requested by users to be implemented with BSP/Geometry creation.

      A lot of the points you've made above are issues that need to be addressed with the system. We currently have on our Trello UE4 Roadmap for Geometry 2.0 to be looked into at a later date. It's a highly requested ticket by those who are new to the engine and for those who are not familiar with 3d modeling software.

      This thread may be of interest for you as well from this user. It's their own plugin they will start developing a port of that is currently available for Unity3D.

      The best option to get the results you would like (since you said you've stuck with static meshes I'm assuming you have access to or know how to use 3d modeling software) would be to get the base shape in BSP and then create a static mesh from that, export it to your modeling software of choice, then make adjustments and refinements, then reimport into UE4.

      If you have any questions feel free to ask!

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