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    Model Air Probelm

    hey everyone and in advance i would like to say thanks for any help
    I'm coming from unity as the lighting is terrible in that engine
    My problem is that i have two objects that are distant from each other but they consist in one single model which causes the engine to fill in the air as a boundy and u carnt stand in it, the current fix i found it to make the whole model not collide but now u can walk through all of it is their a way (without having to redo all my models) that i can make collisions only on the physical models and to ignore the air ? here is a picture of my model
    Click image for larger version

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    Go in the static mesh editor and remove the collision that was created on import,
    then either:

    - Use "Use Complex as Simple..." in the details panel


    - Create custom collision shapes, either in the mesh editor, or forcomplex shapes in your 3d modelling app.


      Open the static mesh and go to Generate Collision:

      This isn't going to be perfect but you can mess with that and see if you get a good result. For best results you would need to model the collision mesh yourself:


        Hey thanks man ! it really means alot making the Tardis is really god **** hard when switching engines