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can i have to uv sets ?

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    can i have to uv sets ?

    I have a quick question and i might just be looking at the problem in th wrong way but its always worth asking if something is possable

    Im currently making a prop and wanted to know if it was posable to have it use 2 uv sets, one set for the normal map and one for the defuse i know that there are other ways to texture im really just intrested to know if its possable as it could be a very usefull tool, im currently using the second UV chan for the light maps so it would be the 3rd chav i would need to use if possable

    Click image for larger version

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    many thanks

    Yes, just make sure that your normal map is using the first UV channel. It will not render the normal map correctly on other UV channels without some extra work.
    It looks like your Diffuse UV's would fulfill the requirements of Lightmap UV's (not overlapping/fits in the 0-1 UV space) so you can use that for lightmaps as well. Make sure to disable the Automatic Generate Lightmap UV's option when you import to UE4 otherwise it will mess things up.

    To change the UV Channel for a texture, plug a TextureCoordinate node into the UV input of the texture node in your material. Within the TextureCoordinate node you can choose the UV channel along with setting texture tiling options.


      thanks so much for the help and the quick reply your a star