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Creating a Star Citizen UI in Unreal (Question)

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    Creating a Star Citizen UI in Unreal (Question)

    Hi All,

    I'm trying my best to understand how to replicate two styles of UI in Unreal Engine. The first being the FPS mode and the second being the spaceship cockpit. My inspiration is Star Citizen since I think its simple, to the point, and looks good.

    Star Citizen FPS

    Star Citizen Cockpit

    My big issue is that I'm trying to use Adobe After Effects and then exporting all the frames as png's and then creating a flipbook material in Unreal to be used in the UI Widget. I have seem to found an issue where the UI does not accept surface materials. Is there a better way of doing this? Only reason I would like to use AE's is being of the much large selection of features compared to UMG. The biggest being is that it allows me to "curve" my images along various shapes. The reason I want that is because that way I can fake a helmet UI that looks like its a curved. Is this possible in Unreal? So the first person mode has the issue of the materials but other then that its pretty straightforward.

    The cockpit UI is what I'm having trouble understanding. It looks 3 dimensional compared to the FPS UI so my assumption is that they placed planes around the cockpit and have the UI shown on that. I think this is possible in Unreal Engine but again, my issue is that I cant use surface materials which gives much better results IMO.

    Lastly I had an issue with the flipbook, I created 30 PNG's and use GlueIT to combine them before importing into Unreal.

    But When I try to create a material for this effect I get nothing... Just white. Not sure what I'm doing wrong.

    I've also tried putting the texture UV's in front of the flipbook node but that didn't change anything. Regardless, If I preview just the texture node its all white. I appreciate any help/tips!

    TLDR: How can I recreated the Star Citizen UI in Unreal?

    From the looks of your node-graph, you haven't actually connected a texture to your flipbook node.