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Beginner -- Exporting issue

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    Beginner -- Exporting issue

    Hello, first I want to start by saying i am a very new beginner and my questions may seem very basic to most of you.

    With this disclaimer, here it is. I am trying to export a mesh from one project to use in an other. In the original project it seems fine, all the textures and everything looks good.
    When I select export, every thing seems also fine. It exports it in .FBX format.

    The problems starts when I import in my other project. When i first try to import, a dialog about what to import comes up and I select import all. Then I get an error about the smoothing or something like that. Still it seems to have imported the mesh. When I then look at the mesh, all the materials and textures are gone. In the folder I imported it it seems to have a material file, but it is a blank one.

    I then decided to look in my original project for the material files. They are there, but I can't export them, when I try, it simply creates a file .COPY that I cannot use in my new project.

    Is there something I can do about all this? To be sure you have all the info, my first project is a basic UE 4.15 project and the project I am trying to import assets in is a modding project.



    You could go without the Engine in the Project Folder and Copy your Material, Texture and Mesh and paste it in the new Project.