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PackageVersion diferent of MaxExpected

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    PackageVersion diferent of MaxExpected

    Hy all

    I'm having this error:
    "LogLinker:Error: Package ../../../../../../UE4/Content/TESTING/SBSAR/leafs_ground/eucalyptus_ground_height_2.uasset was saved with a newer custom version than the current. Tag C52D92BED4A6A49C11E593249A6C11E5 PackageVersion 2 MaxExpected 1"
    (note, it happens with every asset on that folder).

    It all started when I created content at home, versioned it with GIT and opened it at work, probably somewhere in time I had diferent versions of the engine on both places but right now I'm using 4.14.3 on both but this happens at work.
    What can i do? Should i remove the assets and import them again?

    Thank you in advance.

    We are seeing this exact same issue when building 4.13.3 on Linux and trying to open a project saved in 4.13.3 on Mac, using Substance plugin.

    All other assets seem to open fine, but any in the same folder as a substance asset seem to fail to open.


      Wondering if it's a bug in the way the Substance plugin is saving its generated assets (textures, materials, etc.)


        Hi, forgot I had this question here :P. A few days ago, decided to check my plugins and the substance was outdated, as soon as I updated it it all started to work. Thank you for checking it out anyway.