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issues with USD and animation sequences

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    issues with USD and animation sequences

    Hi, i'm able to load USD on the stage in 4.25.2 and have it's animation sequence play correctly.
    My issue is that either the USD unloads when switching level (or when loading the USD actor inside a sublevel) OR if i do a full USD import, the animation sequence reference breaks and i can no longer playback the animation! Neither of these are workable for a real filmmaking project, only to preview that the USD system will import our data.

    Long explanation:
    Loading on stage - When the USD is opened on the stage, it appears in the unreal level and can be setup with materials etc. The problem comes when changing to other levels, or when opening it as a sublevel in another level, The mesh is simply not there. Reloading the stage fixes this but it loses all references so it's 'naked' without materials again. booo! I want to be able to setup the USD one time and load it as a sublevel in other levels im using for filmmaking.

    Import as assets - The second option is to Import the USD as permanent unreal assets, effectively copyng the USD into the project. However this breaks the animation stored in the level sequence of the USD. Since that level sequence isn't a selectable asset (it lives in the invisible /Engine/Transient folder apparently) we dont have a way of getting it attached to the newly imported geometry, or to repair the link and get the animation playing again.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Screenshot (1).png Views:	0 Size:	65.3 KB ID:	1794386
    After importing the whole USD as uassets, the level sequence is still stuck on this engine transient version of the sequenece, but no longer will play?
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    Update: Seems animation isn't supported when fully importing USD, only in the 'live' mode where it's on the USD stage, as of 4.25.3?