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Which Capture Cards are Compatible ?

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    Which Capture Cards are Compatible ?

    Hello Everyone,

    I have a Blackmagic Intensity shuttle USB3.0 capture device which I use to get camera feed into PC. Unfortunately, I read in this same forum recently that Intensity Shuttle is not supported and I also had no luck in getting its feed into Unreal.

    So my question now is what all capture cards are compatible with Unreal?
    I read the setup page and saw there was two categories (Blackmagic's 3 PCI cards and AJA video cards) but all of them are quite out of my budget right now since I already purchased this Intensity Shuttle.
    So I want to know what all other capture devices are compatible? And also read that Elgato's CAM Link 4K is supported by Unreal but don't see it in the list in the docs so I'm bit skeptical to purchase it.

    Please help me. Thank you in advance to everyone.