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Title/Action safe overlays or 2.35:1 Mask in PIE?

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    Title/Action safe overlays or 2.35:1 Mask in PIE?

    Hi guys, I've been previewing some assets for VP and I have masks/overlays working fine in the editor.

    Next I was hoping to get those same overlays/masks in PIE and saw this doc:

    I followed the instructions closely, (made it full screen, added console commands etc) but I can't seem to get the same results (or any masks at all) as in the doc.
    To make sure it wasn't something weird with my project I eventually started a new (clean) project with the third person template and had the same non-results.

    1) Am I missing any assumptions just going by these docs?
    2) For my fellow VP folks what overlays have you been able to achieve during shoots? (I'm currently using a lo-fi AR Kit setup)

    Any advice is welcome, thank you!

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