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What is the "proper way" to parent a Virtual Camera to a moving object?

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    What is the "proper way" to parent a Virtual Camera to a moving object?

    TL;DR: My camera is shaking when parented to a moving object.
    - parented midway through scene
    - parented from the start

    I believe that the Virtual Camera's movement is shaking and not the vehicle. It even happens upon removing all keyframes in-between the first and last -- of both the vehicle and of the camera.

    My method for doing so is as follows:

    - Create sequence of vehicle moving -- lets call this Sequence Vehicle

    - Open up Sequence Vehicle. Click "Play in Editor".

    - Move VirtualCameraPawn underneath the vehicle so its transform is parented

    - Right click on "VirtualCameraPawn" and click record. Everything is smooth during recording.

    - Play the recorded sequence -- now the shaking appears

    Folks have suggested to use an "Attach track", but I am unaware how to use this during recording. I am only aware of how to use this retroactively after the recording has been made.

    Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?

    Bonus question: Recording an actor via the sequencer isn't recording its child actors. Am I doing something wrong here?
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