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Composure : Set target camera to CineCameraComponent

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    Composure : Set target camera to CineCameraComponent


    I'm doing some virtual production tests with composure and I can't seem to set the target camera of a CG Element to a CineCameraComponent. It's look like the class filter is set to CineCameraActor.

    The scenario I have is the camera is nested inside a blueprint that has lots of offsets for real world tracking volume/camera as well as logic. I tried changing the camera to a Child Actor (which composure would happily reference) but then I lost all ability to manage the camera setting in the editor. Something about the way child actors are exposed???

    My only solution so far is to have a separate CineCameraActor outside of the blueprint as a 'follow camera'.

    This is bad because
    A) I'm now duplicating transforms for no solid reason
    B) It creates a dependency on the setup outside of the blueprint which is "not ideal"

    Has anyone bumped into this or got any ideas...or am I just missing something?