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Sequencer: playing animations problem

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    Sequencer: playing animations problem

    Hi directors,

    I have a gunship as one skeletal mesh with bones and animations for them. All control surfaces have their own prerecorded animations (flaps up and down, gear, turrets, turbines, etc.).

    Click image for larger version

Name:	gunship1.jpg
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    I need to play multiple animations at one time (flaps going down while other control surfaces move left and right, or landing gears goes down/up and turbine rotates)

    I place my skeletal mesh into sequence and assign multiple Animation track to this mesh. I populate each Animation with it's own recorded animation. So I basically have something like this:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	seq1.png
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ID:	1758949

    Problem: Sequencer messes up and sort of blends all animations playing at the same time (completely different parts of model).

    How do I solve this? I can't deconstruct whole model into separate parts and assemble it into UE4, that would be completely insane amount of work.

    Thanks for your time.