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Rendering sequences using multiple PCs over the network

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    Rendering sequences using multiple PCs over the network

    Hello everyone,

    is there any method to use multiple PCs to rendering out a sequence from Unreal? I'll explain better.
    I had a problem with lightmap that, for big projects, building lightmap could take a large amount of time, then I discovered this method:
    that, using the Swarm Agent, I was able to distribute the work load to multiple PCs reducing lightmap build time drastically.

    Is there a similar way to rendering out sequences from Unreal using different PCs connected to the network?


    Swarm Agent is only for lightmaps-baking.
    And no you can't network render a sequence. Your rendertime must be huge


      A quick solution would be to set frame ranges for each PC - e.g 0-1000, 1001-2000, 2001-3000...
      This can still get time consuming to setup, so I would recommend looking at submitting renders through command line on each PC:

      Make sure to convert any effects to seeded, otherwise you'll get pops.