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Compositing (transparent BG) video or image sequences in Unreal

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    Compositing (transparent BG) video or image sequences in Unreal

    There seems to be very little information on how to achieve this in unreal. There's plenty of demos out there and some tutorials that are years old.

    Can anyone gide me as to how i can bring in either a transparent background video, or making a chromakey video for compositing it within unreal engine? I have also tried with image sequences seems its rather cpu intensive, must be doing something wrong.

    What I'm trying to do is use Unreal Engine for film-making, in particular compositing 2D sequences within a 3D environment similar to what Disney and Dream works was doing in the early to late 90's. Heres a test clip I did with iClone but I'm really looking to leverage engines lighting and rendering which is a million times better than iClone.

    Sounds like you want to use Composure (part of Unreal) See the link here

    I have some examples of real time cg and live video backgrounds here

    Composure also does chroma-key and can handle multi layer compositing so you can have some CG objects in front of the live video and others behind it.


      This doesn't seem to work for me. Having a hard time reproducing it based on that documentation.

      I also came across something called ImagePlate for unreal which also seems to have an insane "cicky dicky" approach to getting anything done. But i also haven't figured out how to either make the chromakey transparent or just importing video that's already transparent (By clicky dicky i mean you have to click create all sorts of what seems to be arbitrary nodes and settings to get anything done. You spend so much time fiddling with settings and nodes that it feels you spend more time doing that than actual creatinve work. Is did something that will have to be done every time for every single elements that bring in or can it be done once and just dragged and drooped onto something else or saved and applied as a set of premade settings etc?

      Any heee, does any one have any suggestions, examples, easy to follow instructions.

      Lets say I have a video of a character doing a walk cycle, and I want to put that in the scene. How do I bring it in and make it happen?

      Or I have an animated sequence of a 2d character talking to another character that is in a a separate video that will be placed in a separate layer for depth. How can the backgrounds be removed from these videos, film it in a way that the environment blends (shadows casting, lighting etc. I'm really determined to make this work, there's gotta be a an easy way.

      Here is a couple of samples of what I'm working on. These tests were done in iClone where i basically just drag and drop my video file into the program and drop whatever scenery objects I want and pretty much its done. (Yes I know, why i don't i just use iClone, if it's that easy. well because 1. I really like the rendering look and feel of unreal, and 2. The assets market place seems to have more of what I need available for my project, iClones, with my limited 3d knowledge is a pain in the *** for creating my own content). I know that if i can get this done in Unreal, I will be able to make my film in a way that its gonna look a million times better than iclone, and also the variety of assets readily available for me to use from the market place will allow me to finish this at record pace.

      iClone test 1:

      iClone Test 2:


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        Im still looking to figure this out. Does any one have any info?