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Sequencer crashes Engine on render at FullHD but not HD

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    Sequencer crashes Engine on render at FullHD but not HD

    Sequencer successfully renders on 1280x720 but fails at 1920x1080.
    Baked lighting, 5 baked sources, 2 dynamic sources. 1,493,812l tris. 5 humanoid skeletal meshes.
    At the beginning of rendering (right after warmup), video driver crashes attempting to render. Increased gpu hang time to 5 minutes already (through regedit tdr), doesnt help. Reverified engine.
    Is there something else I can do about that issue? Is my scene overloaded?
    Any tips and suggestions are welcome, Im running out of time now.

    I use the crash logs to see what can be causing issues. although I can barely read it, I just send it to the engine guy i work with to tell me how to fix it

    I'd get the crashes if I overload my scene too much as well.
    sometimes it's a specific shader, or a setting that I have on that can dive the engine. too many objects,
    or if I'm rendering too many passes at once in EXR export. I just do one pass at a time for stability.

    my scenes can have vastly more everything that you have in yours but my computer is also pretty high gaming spec comp
    2080ti some i7 processor, 64gb ram