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    Industrious Cinematic Project

    Only just came across this thread of the UE forum. Wish I'd have known about it when I created my competition entry for Kitbash 3D's short film contest back in April. I entered the challenge using a game engine (UE obviously) against offline rendered projects. So when sharing WIP, I wasn't really getting technical help, just general compositional and cinematic feedback... which was still useful, but ended up having to solve a lot of technical issues of my own.

    Anyway, I came 3rd, beating many offline rendered projects:

    I really enjoyed making my film using UE's cinematic toolset and am now working on a new one. I can see a bright future for the use of game engines in film making.

    Just wanted to share this item with you guys to show UE is starting to make waves in the VFX industry!

    The film:

    nice clip! congrats on winning 3rd!
    learn anything from doing the short? or have any requests that would have made it easier?