This is probably something stupid....I followed the tutorial and setup a live webcam into a sample unreal project on my work machine and it worked great. Then I went to my machine at home and did the same thing (with the same webcam) and I don't get any video, just a black screen.

The "camera" app in windows detects the camera and shows video ok. In unreal the webcam shows up in the MediaPlayer asset list of sources but when selected I just get a black screen and the activity light on the camera does not light. On my work computers (2 of them) it works fine, camera light lights up and I get video as soon as it is selected in the Unreal Media Player asset.

Is there some Unreal Editor plugin or setting that might not be enabled on my home machine that would stop the camera from working?

The install on my home machine is a fresh 4.22.3 unreal on windows 1803. Same setup on my work machine, but that one has been used a lot more. The camera (logitech pro hd 920) did not require any driver installation to work on my work machines.

Any suggestions how to debug this, seems odd that it works on windows camera applications but not in unreal.