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    UE4 Motion Design Pipeline

    Hello everyone! I'm CG generalist making an investigation in a topic of how to use UE4 for motion design needs.

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    So for example in this scene scene a lot tiny elements, and let's say they animated. If I will bake it as fbx/alembic with animation it will be pretty heavy scene with a lot of objects each with separate material slot. So it's not very officiant way. But scene itself very simple, consist only from couple of objects, instanced all over the scene. Couple of effectors in C4D makes all the magic.

    So the question is:

    How to translate scenes with a lot of instanced geometry to UE4 in efficient way?

    I'v heard that there is plugin to bring assets from Houdini to UE4.

    If I make the same scene in Houdini, using couple of objects, will they be translated to UE4 as couple of objects and a lot of instances, or as a lot of separate objects?

    In general I want to know what is preferable pipeline to bring assets to UE4 in case of mograph scenes. Does anybody using UE4 for motion design work? Please, share your workflow, or some tricks to manage this type of work.


    Beside the question why you wanna transfer the motion Graphics stuff to UE4, i'm sure it's impossible to do it without heavy loss and huge efforts to rebuilt the functionality in UE4.

    Other apps simply don't understand cinemas MoGraph, Effectors and other Objects you might have used in the scene.
    Some things can be baked into Keyframe animations and Model instances can be converted to polygonal Objects, but this will make them loose their flexibility.

    If you really wanna use UE4 for Motion Graphics, you will need to rebuild all the functionality as good as possible.
    I don't think there are allready plugins for this purpose.

    I've done some experimenting of how to transfer stuff like precomputed physical simmulation or xpresso driven animations with many objects to game engines and always ended up baking these to a skeletal animation.


      depends on how many objects you want to move around, if it's under 100
      you can just import a baked animation as fbx and it'll import fine,

      can't help you with C4d as I use Maya's MASH

      anything more complex you'd have to probably process the mesh out through an animation texture