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Embed/Integrate Unreal into a Qt GUI Application?

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    I need too. now I modify BuildTool to support build Game as dll and export lib。then, call EngineLoop in my app。 just has a embed window in my application。 just one windows。 ue do not make modelued alone good enough, so I want to show 2 different maps in 2 different window, it is difficult。 I need much more time to modify ue code. my god.

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  • started a topic Embed/Integrate Unreal into a Qt GUI Application?

    Embed/Integrate Unreal into a Qt GUI Application?

    Hi everyone,

    Has anyone been successful in embedding/integrating the Unreal Engine into a Qt GUI Application?
    We're currently looking into several engines in the hope of bringing the 3D side of our application into the 21st century.
    I've been scouring the forums, faqs and so forth and haven't found anything concrete.
    Ideally we'd like to have Unreal as a DLL which hooks into our application and we call Init, Tick, Shutdown etc in the relevant places.
    I've been looking at Qt Quick 2 integration more specifically but it's not a requirement.
    If anyone has experience integrating Unreal into another GUI framework that could provide some pointers i'm sure that would help too.

    Any help would be much appreciated!