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How can I learn C++ with UE4?

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    Originally posted by Kanc View Post

    What I meant is if you started C++ programming with Unreal you'll become a Unreal C++ Programmer. Then, you include C++ as one of your skills and you find a job as C++ programmer doing... I dont know... doing machine learning stuff for example. Probably you will have to handle with a lot of things Unreal really handle for you.

    My point is, if your only c++ background as programmer is what you learned using Unreal, in my opinion (<-- I want to highlight this), you missed some things on the way. Obviously if the read some books, videos, tutorials, courses... starting C++ with Unreal is as good start as other (probably better, because would be funnier)

    I said that because I found few programmers in my last job who did know what's a rvalue ref, move constructor or trying to use the templated unreal's Cast outside of unreal environment
    Yep I get your point clearly. Although I like to believe people should change domain of application if they want to. I think one can keep learning his whole life (only if he wants too, obviously).

    I'm very strong on that feeling, cause you see I've been working on search engine, websites, desktop apps, client-server stuff and other headache-kinda-things, and since I'm a kid I always wanted to make games (my first coding at 12 was a game btw). Took me 20 years before I made the decision. So yeah I guess I want to shout out: do it if you want it, won't be easy, but just go for it.