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Accessing Vertex Positions of static mesh

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    Originally posted by IonutStef View Post

    Sorry for reviving this long since dead thread
    First of all, Thank you for all your help, Rama! Your tutorials are fun to watch and makes you think a lot about what you can do.
    The same with this thread full of interesting information.
    I see that there is a way to get all the vertices of the mesh. This is amazing, and close to what I need. but, still, not there...

    My question is.. is there a way to get the Edges of the mesh, as there is with the vertices?
    I need only to know what vertices are adjacent, for a pattern detection AI.

    I've tried doing it by myself, thinking that the order I read the vertices, is given by the connection, but after some tries, I don't know what to think... "Am I doing it wrong, or the order has nothing to do with the connections?"

    Please, could you help me?

    Thank you very much!
    May I ask have you found ways to get the Edges of the mesh?