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UMG Not working in C++, really stumped

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    Thank you for working through this and posting the solution. I had the exact same issue. I went through the C++ UMG tutorial and everything worked perfectly. Then I added the same code to my existing project and it had the issues you were having.

    Following your three steps fixed the issue. I now know to not trust the build system.

    Ideally the "Refresh Visual Studio Project" command within UE4 or a similar command would do all of this for you. This is the second place I saw instructions on manually clearing out files in your UE4 folder structure to clear issues.

    Does anyone know if there is a tool that will "clean" a UE4 project to fix any issues that can be introduced through tooling failures?


      I found my actual issue was fixed by the following change:

      #include "Engine.h"
      // #include "EngineMinimal.h" 5/15/2016 due to adding UMG