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Implementing Anti-Cheat

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    Just build it so that anyone can cheat - even teach them how - make it part of the game! As long as you mitigate the serious cheats by server validation of data this might even be kind of fun. Not as much fun for the serious cheaters, but not as much "not fun" for the other players.


      Not sure if this will help any but it's a shot.

      I'm one of the Developers for a Emulation group for WoW called MaNGOS, I was hired in on my knowledge of the Warden AntiCheat System, though not much i was able to provide logical support and attempts to get it working.

      Blizzard has a AntiCheat system in place called Warden.

      In the WoW Client there is a DLL called Scan.DLL.. this helps the client connect to warden and vice versa and smooths the scanning process.

      This is the full history of the implantation of Warden on TrinityCore, they where able to get warden working. Perhaps we could go about something like this?

      It's simply checking to see if these are running on the client (SHA 1 + HMAC Key)

      Then takes action on what ever is set in the config
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