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Problem with Shooter and Strategy projects on 4.7

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    Problem with Shooter and Strategy projects on 4.7


    I'm trying to study engine api and c++ from shooter and strategy projects from Epic. But i get errors from all unreal engine related macros, functions, variables etc.I'm using visual studio community edition with visual assist x and adviced intellisense settings from documentation.

    I found the same problem from answerhub and they advice moving all headers to outside of "Class" folder. When i do it, everything works properly. But i really wonder what's the reason of this problem? Are this projects didn't updated for 4.7. Or if there is no problem about projects, how Epic programmers works with header files in "Class" folder.

    Here is the same problem from answerhub:

    There is an extra question i want to ask about visual studio but i don't want to open a new thread about it. Next line to every macro i used in visual studio indents automatically. (But only next line, not every line after class macro for example.) Fixing them manually drives me crazy sometimes. Changing indenting setting from "smart" to "block" on visual studio Options > Text Editor > C/C++ > Tabs > Indenting, fixes it but engage other problems about formatting. Can anyone give me advice about it or tell his workflow?