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Accessing Lua from Visual Studio

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    Accessing Lua from Visual Studio

    I am trying to make a proof of concept demo that will allow an end user (player) to customize a Lua script that will in turn customize the UI.

    I followed this tutorial on building Lua, and got it working correctly. Beginning at approximate 5:45 it shows how to add the various include/library/etc directories to Visual Studio.

    Yet, when I follow this tutorial on setting up the C++ environment for UE4 I do not have the correct options available in those menus to tell Visual Studio where to find the right files. Trying to run the same code fails for the expected reason ("Cannot open include file: 'lua.hpp': No such file or directory").

    What can I do to resolve this? Sorry for the newb question, I am still new to VS's quirks.

    I am using Visual Studio 2013, Lua 5.3.0, & 64 bit Windows 7.
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