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Single player Rpg for beginners

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    Single player Rpg for beginners

    Hello Guys, so i decided to start building a portfolio of projects/small games to show my skills while working on a multiplayer shooter with a friend.
    So the purpose of this RPG besides showing that i can work on other games besides shooters, is to provide a reference material for beginners to RPG and unreal engine, especially does that want to begin their journey in c++ and also a way to challenge myself and learn more along the way

    The entire game/template will be done in c++ except for things like widgets and animations(its too stressful to setup on c++).
    I plan to make other projects like this after this one is complete.

    Check out the source code here:

    Just a suggestion, if this is a template for beginners, I think you should stick to the coding standards suggested by Epic. Mainly code commenting. More info here:
    /** The interface for drinkable objects. */
    class IDrinkable
            * Called when a player drinks this object.
            * @param OutFocusMultiplier - Upon return, will contain a multiplier to apply to the drinker's focus.
            * @param OutThirstQuenchingFraction - Upon return, will contain the fraction of the drinker's thirst to quench (0-1).
            * @warning Only call this after the drink has been properly prepared.
           virtual void Drink(float& OutFocusMultiplier, float& OutThirstQuenchingFraction) = 0;
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