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UE4 crashes my PC

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    UE4 crashes my PC

    So i just installed UE4 and created a new project. Opened the project, added a new level and UE crashed. I reopened UE and the project and just clicked on file and UE froze. I went into task manager to end the process and my pc froze. No alt f4, no alt tab, nothing. I restarted my pc and opened ue4 went into the project and my pc froze again and it freezes every time i try to open a project, even new ones.

    Are you sure your PC can handle Unreal?


      I used UE4 before without problems


        the version of UE engine you are using matters a lot.

        I had tons of crashes using 4.24.3, almost every 5mins.

        I switched to engine version 4.23.1, and have never had a crash, over a week of editing and making levels, not a single crash.

        give 4.23.1 a try, my hardware is at bare minium, so that might be a reason? but atleast 4.23.1 works without a hitch.

        so until u upgrade to new hardware, 4.23.1 should do ?

        hope this helps.

        if you do decide to upgrade your hardware, I would suggest waiting until they have released UE engine 5.0, with it the spec requirments will prolly change, and wait until they have a "stable" release, which will be even longer down the line I would think. so hold out for atleast 2/3 years if u can.

        otherwise you risk having to upgrade "again" if u cant handle the "new" engine.

        God Bless you. May Jesus Christ be Charitable unto you.

        Acts 10 : 33 - 48, google it, its Awesome.
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