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Controlling USkeletalMeshComponent bones directly?

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    Controlling USkeletalMeshComponent bones directly?

    Is there a way to drive a USkeletalMeshComponent's entirely bones from code, without an animation?

    I want to directly be able to manipulate the bone transforms every frame so it matches up with some physics and IK.

    I have been trying to use UPoseableMeshComponent to achieve this, but I'm running into a one frame lag between the physics and animation that I haven't been able to resolve.

    For future reference, I was able to solve my original problem using UPoseableMeshComponent and eliminate the one frame lag.

    Although I'm sure being able to manipulate a USkeletalMeshComponent would still be a useful tool if someone knows how to do it.


      You can directly manipulate USkeletalMeshComponent with animation blueprint of course. Something like below:-Click image for larger version

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