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In automated tests, how to check that an assertion is failing as expected ?

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    In automated tests, how to check that an assertion is failing as expected ?

    I'm writing a C++ module to add support for ridiculously big numbers for an incremental game. I have a set of automated tests (using the new Automation Spec) to verify the behavior of arithmetic operations.

    I want to prevent anyone to accidentally divide by zero (and destroying the universe) so I'm crashing the engine if the divider is equal to zero, using a good old assertion.

    verifyf(B.m != 0.f, TEXT("Cannot divide by 0"));
    As expected, the test below crashes the engine. The problem is that it prevents other tests to execute.

            It("should not allow division by 0", [this]
                FBigNumber A(2.f, 0);
                FBigNumber B(0.f, 0);
                FBigNumber result = A / B;

    Is there a way to write an automated test that checks that the engine would have crashed, without actually crashing the engine?
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    Just wrap the verifies in a #define or some such.

    verifyf(B.m != 0.0f, TEXT("Cannot divide by 0"));
    Log(LogTest, Warning, TEXT("Cannot divide by 0"));
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      ensureMsg(expression, message);

      gives a call stack, but it shouldn't crash the engine, it keeps running.
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