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Increase device global heap size - (DirectX 12)

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    Increase device global heap size - (DirectX 12)


    I'm currently using 4.23.1, and porting my C++ project from DX11 to DX12.

    After selecting "DirectX 12" as my default RHI (UE4 -> Project Settings -> Platforms -> Windows -> Default RHI = DirectX 12) and restarting the Editor, Output Log keeps on firing the following warning messages.

    LogD3D12RHI: Warning: Descriptor cache ran out of sub allocated descriptor blocks! Moving to Context local View heap strategy
    LogD3D12RHI: Warning: This should only happen in the Editor where it doesn't matter as much. If it happens in game you should increase the device global heap size!
    LogD3D12RHI: Warning: OnlineHeap RollOver Detected. Increase the heap size to prevent creation of additional heaps
    It is obvious that I need to increase heap size.

    Since UE4 Project Compiler/Linker settings are not visible in Visual Studio 2019, I tried searching for "heap" in engine's ToolChain files. No way! I think I'm missing something...

    Would anyone please tell me the proper way for increasing device global heap size?

    Hi matahari , I've got the same issue in a 4.24.2 project, do you have any solution to this ?


      Hi Teapot Creation , I'm afraid no... Still having the same issue with 4.24.3.


        Also here: having the same issue in 4.25.3. It's also in the logs when running a packaged (development) project. No solutions?


          Bump with Unreal engine 4.25.3.


            I get the same issues on 4.25.4
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