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Blueprinted Network Socket Communication

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    Blueprinted Network Socket Communication

    This is a double-post if you include answerhub, only doing so because this issue is holding up my whole development chain. Answerhub post is here :

    I have been brickwalled for development as of current because as far as I know Unreal Engine does not natively possess the capability to connect to a SQL server. Even if this is possible this is highly unsecure! The game my team is developing needs to store a lot of data per character and then call that data every time the player logs in. The most secure and effective way to do this that I can think of would be to use a remote socket server and let the socket server handle the SQL interaction. I'm going to need to use one anyways to handle my matchmaking/chat server/external web interaction. To my current knowledge this communication is currently impossible with blueprints. To frame this situation a little better, I have zero C++ programming experience. I do, however, have experience with Python. I am already developing a socket server that interacts with my SQL database and handles matchmaking/chat etc. I've been walled in there as well, as I do not know how my data is going to look on the python side of communication or how I need to frame my data that I send back to UE4. With all of that said, could you point me down a path to creating or help me create some blueprints that allow me to get my clients and dedicated sever communicating with my socket server?

    Thank you in advance for any assistance you may be able to provide!

    So I found this . Would someone be able to help me set that up for sending and receiving and the show me how to setup a blueprint for accessing the information received from these transactions and how to send information across this connection?