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Gather assets references/dependencies

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    Gather assets references/dependencies

    Ive got a modding system in place for mounting/streaming paks and their assets, however im rather stuck on one thing.
    For the mod creators using the editor, they make a child class off of the parent character class, put their own model, anim bp and such into it, but for packaging and uploading i need to somehow create a file list of their characters assets that relate to it, and Pak only those assets, not gather all the parent classes contents and other random things in the project too.

    Anyone know of a way to gather the characters asset paths for pak'ing?


    Our users are supposed to have all their mod content within their mod folder /Content/Mods/MyFirstMod

    We provide the user a drop down list of all his mods when he is about to package and package the selected directory
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