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Best way to create a real-time graphics adjustment system.

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    Best way to create a real-time graphics adjustment system.

    Hi, I was wondering if it is possible to create a system that adjusts the graphics in real-time in order to obtain a solid 60 FPS. I can think of a way to create this feature such as:

    1) Every tick, get the current frame-rate.
    2) If frame rate is equal to or greater than 60FPS turn UP lighting & effects quality.
    3) If frame rate is lower than 60 FPS, turn DOWN lighting & effects quality.

    although I imagine that this incredibly hacky method is not the best way to go about implementing such a feature. Does anyone have any ideas on this kind of thing? or link me to a thread
    that discusses such a feature?


    This is more of an engine side feature than a game side feature. I think UE4 already tries to adjust quality levels based on performance. If you let your user specify quality settings, then would you disregard their settings if their framerate drops?


      for packaged games I don't think it tries to adjust automatically. personally i'd let the user adjust the settings but i'm biased and personally can't see past 24 ish fps. frame jitter supposedly hurts user experience more than low frame rates in some cases, but anyway letting it suggest settings for the user based on how they run the game, maybe even let them tick an option to have it adjusted automatically isn't a bad idea, but yeah as far as i know there's no single best way to do this, you can get and change the variables in blueprint or c++, there might also be an ini file somewhere that holds this data which you can tweak for the next program startup. you've got the general idea of what needs to be done i think.