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Map failing to load - umap extension not recognised (c++ project)

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    Map failing to load - umap extension not recognised (c++ project)

    Hey folks, I am unable to open the map and it doesn't appear in project content browser (but I can see it in folder directory).
    I get the error message: "Failed to load map file. This is most likely because the map was saved with a newer version of the engine".

    I check engine version for project and it is 4.21 I am up to date with 4.21.2
    When entering the project, the map files are missing. I tried dragging into the project from folder direction but it fails to import, saying "unknown extension umap"

    Map file name is: FirstPersonExampleMap.umap - not seeing any obvious issues.

    The project is C++ and from this tutorial:
    To DL project template:

    Any advice would be great


    The repository history shows he upgraded it to 4.22 3 months ago. So unless you checked out an early version of that repo, (part of) the project content is in fact saved in UE4.22.
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      Yep saw in his readme right after.
      Weird that it show 4.21 when I open project file via notepad. Maybe that only shows what version it started in???
      Anyway issue solved, thanks!


        Google Translation. The project and map were created on version 4.24.3. Map is not showing after engine crash.

        Click image for larger version

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