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Trouble finding the correct parent class

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    Trouble finding the correct parent class

    Hi there,

    like the topic says, I'm often clueless what UE parent class to choose when I want to implement some code.

    I prototyped a basic framework as visual studio console project (I prefer to do so since I don't have to fight with Engine marcos at this point) for handling the attributes and skills for the Player Character as well as for NPC.
    Now that everything works fine I want to implement the code in the engine and this is where my trouble begin.

    I only need to parent one class the an engine class, since all other classes will inherit from this base class...but would ACharacter or APawn the correct UE parent class to inherit from? Basically it is game logic that the player need to calculate his stats, level up and stuff and the NPC to get their stats. So it is not really an actor at all, since it won't be placed in the level, so any Actor class could be the wrong choice.

    What engine class would you choose as parent class if you wanted to add such code to the game?

    Thanks in advance for any useful hint.

    You want to look at the UActorComponent class and it's descendents. Components are plugin parts that are attached to character/pawns and can be swapped to change the behavior.

    Here are some more information:
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      Thanks a lot jCoder. That's what I wanted to know. Awesome :-)