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    Help with netdormancy

    Hey guys,
    There doesn't seem to be a network section in the forums, so i have posted this here, for my fellow coders

    I'm trying to diag and get stats on if some network dormancy bits are actually working.

    Looking at "stat net", the stats that i assume tell me what i need to know are "num network actors" and "num dorment actors"

    I have an actor that is spawned into the world, i have tried with it set to "initial" under dormancy, i have also tried awake.
    As well as this, i have tried setting the dormancy via code using "SetNetDormancy", manually setting it to dorment. I have tried on begin play, and manually via a timer (run on the server)

    I can see that the actor is in the "num network actors" stat regardless.
    No matter what i do, the stat by "num dorment actors" is not changing.

    My question, am i doing something wrong? (i broke it!) or is there a different stat i need to be looking at?
    (i am looking at this stat from the "client" this is perhaps wrong? im sure this is actually working, when set to initial dormancy, but i really need some sorta way to confirm

    Thank you very much!
    Outer Planet Studios