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Implementing a Custom Pathfinding (not Nav Mesh based)

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    Implementing a Custom Pathfinding (not Nav Mesh based)

    Hello there,
    I am currently trying to implement a custom pathfinding solution for my project into unreal. It is not based on a Nav Mesh, hence I decided to inherit my class for the pathfinding from the ANavigationData instead of ARecastNavMesh. I have already been semi-successful, as I was able to create the class and print out a simple generated path, but I couldn't get the pawn to move. My guess is that the navigation system still wants to work with nav meshes. My problem is that I can't find a good documentation on this stuff; I do not now how the navigation system works or where I should start looking for the problem.
    I was basicly following this tutorial, just with the difference that I did not inherit from RecastNavMesh (important sections: "Extending RecastNavMesh" and "Hooking Our RecastNavMesh Into The Engine"):

    I have made an Answerhub post, that explains my issue with some further detail:

    My question is, if anyone could point out what I have to do to make my pathfinding run.

    Btw, I have a bit of programming experience, but am also pretty new in c++.