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Particles animated via Sequences

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    Particles animated via Sequences

    Hey guys.
    So, basically we want to easily animate the particles in a Particle System (pausing, rewinding and moving forward) with the same random seed every time, so the particles always looks the same. Since, it's not supported by default (ex. there's no built-in track in the Sequencer for this), we tried a couple of methods already.
    For example feeding the TickComponent function of UParticleSystemComponent custom delta times worked fine when the values were positive (generating particles, moving vectors etc. worked fine), but failed on rewinding - feeding the TickComponent function negative values resulted in particles not clearing up when they should.

    After many tries and errors I've came up with this solution,which basically uses warmup time to rebuild the Particle System each frame if necessary:

    This solution however enforces the entire Particle System to rebuild (which is unavoidable, maybe?) and with changes to the simulation time each frame causes the particles to dissapear entirely (Paticle System needs a frame after activation to render the content?).

    Can You provide us with a proper solution to this issue or any hint on how to approach this case? Any hint would be great as I've searched many forum threads and couldn't find a working solution.