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Hiccups/Stutters when Level Streaming

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    Hiccups/Stutters when Level Streaming

    I made a simple Level streaming setup, specifically a blank level and the SunTemple demo project. When I press a key, the SunTemple is getting streamed in and then shown.

    Problem is that with my hardware i7 7700 during streaming there's a hiccup up to 78ms in the editor and packaged build.

    Upon profiling the issue in the editor, we noticed the function StaticDuplicateObject is taking aproximately 100ms ( probably higher value due to profiler ).
    Upon profiling in non-editor build, the time is less, about 37ms with most of it in 26ms spent in CPU Stall - Wait for event ( with 27 calls to it ).
    Upon profiling in non-editor, first windows run ( when file reads actually read from disk instead of memory) "TickAsyncLoading GT" makes a hic of about 138ms.

    Are there any recommendations for minimizing this hiccup besides minimizing the number of actors in the level ?

    UPDATE : Further research has led me to believe "TickAsyncLoading GT" is related to the async loading thread and since I activated that through s.AsyncLoadingThread in DefaultEngine.ini now the hiccup of 42ms moved to StartFinalPostprocessSettings->Self

    Also, on level unload there is a CollectGarbageInternal which also takes about 25ms. It's a pretty large number for just 600 actors being deleted.
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