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    Beacons - Join Game

    Hi Guys,

    I am writing a steam beacon plugin in C++ and I have a rather irritating issue,

    So i have all the logic for connecting to beacons etc done. the bit that I cant figure out is how the host tells all the clients to join a game he/she has created

    so the use case flow at the moment:

    1. host creates beacon
    2. host invites players to join beacon
    3. players join beacon host
    4. once ready host create session
    5. All clients join host created session

    Now I can do steps 1-4, but I cannot do 5, I dont know how to send that session data to the clients? As far as I can see i somehow have to build my own session result? but cant figure out how to do that?

    if at step 3 the host finds an existing game to join, I will have a session result which I am assuming I can send to all clients fine, its just if the HOST creates a game I cant see a way of building the session result in the same way!

    can anyone shed some light onto this, am i going about it all wrong fir beacon clients to join a game session together?

    kind regards
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    I take it that this is not a normal quest then are there any other forums or contacts that are likely to be able to answer this?