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Generating VS Project Without Engine

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    Generating VS Project Without Engine


    I'm working on a build of the engine with the engine source available. When I generate the Visual Studio projects for the game project, UBT insists on adding project files for the engine and other tools. Is there a way to prevent this without jumping through hoops with batch scripts? I want it so that when I right click the .uproject file and generate or update the Visual Studio project from the editor, the generated project would only contain the project for the game. I did try and use a batch script calling GenerateProjectFiles.bat relative\path\to\uproject.uproject -Game but it said it couldn't find the Source directory - even if this worked it wouldn't be ideal. EDIT: I tried -Game with UBT using the absolute path, it generated a project with UBT and just the game - close enough. I thought that would work until I built the solution, it then started building the entire engine.

    When engine source is not available, like the builds available from the launcher, the Visual Studio project file for the game project is generated in the way I would hope.

    Any ideas?

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