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Changing Character Set in Visual Studio

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    Changing Character Set in Visual Studio

    A plugin I'm writing uses a .h and .lib from an external library. Unfortunately the plugin crashes the editor if I use Unicode character set. I know this is true by creating another console application in visual studio and toggling between Unicode and Multi-Byte under Properties->General->ProjectDefaults->Character Set. Though under my Unreal solution, I don't have this setting under my properties. Would anyone know how to fix this, or how to set the character set to multibyte in unreal? Attached is a screenshot comparing the properties.

    Thank you for reading

    Some reading for you:

    Conversion Routines

    We have a number of macros to convert strings to and from various encodings. These macros use a class instance declared in local scope and allocate space on the stack, so it is very important you do not retain pointers to them! They are intended only for passing strings to function calls.
    • TCHAR_TO_ANSI(str)
    • TCHAR_TO_OEM(str)
    • ANSI_TO_TCHAR(str)
    • TCHAR_TO_UTF8(str)
    • UTF8_TO_TCHAR(str)
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