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Best way to learn C++ for UE4?

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    Best way to learn C++ for UE4?

    Hey guys,

    So I am currently getting into using Unreal Engine 4 and want to learn to code C++ for it.

    i am planning to learn blueprints first so it will give me a good understanding of how Unreal Engine works and the process of putting a game together. Then I would move onto C++.

    However for C++, would you recommend learning normal C++ first before Unreal C++? If so then could I learn Unreal blueprints and normal non-ue4 C++ simultaneously?

    Whether you think I should learn normal C++ or Unreal C++ first, what resource would you recommend is the best way of learning it (e.g. What book or online course)?

    For your note, I'm not a complete noob programmer, I did python for 2 years at school but I know python is very basic compared to the complexity of C++.

    Thankyou for your advice.

    What I did is actually pay for a course on I am in no way affiliated with that site, I just saw a course called "learning UE4 c++ by making games" (or something similar to that). I really wanted to learn how to start using the UE4 engine with C++. So I took that course on Udemy, and by about half-way through the first 4 sections of that course (viewing the videos at my own pace), I was up and running pretty good on using the UE4 editor, and how to use C++ within it. But I have had 5 years experience with Unity 3D and C# as well. But I was a complete noob to UE4, and that Udemy course is for complete noobs, so you should be good. The course cost $30 at the time for me.

    Blueprints are awesome too, but I focused on C++ because I feel I am more efficient typing out code that I am in setting up blueprint nodes in a visual manner. So, honestly, it's up to you. If you feel you're more efficient with a visual scripting style like blueprints -- then learn blueprints or get a book on blueprints. If you feel you'd be more efficient and more at ease with c++ then take a course or read on a book on c++.

    Both blueprints and c++ are useful and can get you where you want to go, especially starting out. Although I've been told there are a select few things you can do with c++ that you can't do with blueprints......but I havn't run across anything like that yet.

    I forgot to add, there seem to be WAY more blueprint examples online when you're trying to solve problems, so keep that in mind as well. It sucks for me because I want to use C++, and there are usually not as many C++ examples as there are blueprint examples. But I use about 20% blueprints, and 80% c++ for gameplay behaviors.
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      Tom's course is worth it. Look for it on sale. I don't regret a penny on it. Wish it was available when I started learning the engine 2 years ago.


        There's no such thing as "UE4 C++", UE has a bunch of handy macros that can make your life easier but It all boils down to normal C++.
        With some basic understanding of object oriented programming and basic understanding of pointers you can easily get started with UE4.

        The C++ Battery collector tutorial from EPIC (from a while ago..) is a great way to get used to working with UE4 without the need of paid tutorials: