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C++ pawn 360 rotation question

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    C++ pawn 360 rotation question

    Hey gang! I had posted a problem nearly similar to this in the blueprint and figure that this would be something done with code. With that being said I was pointed to a solution but I've run into another problem, being extremely new to coding I am confused on where my function should be going as well as how to get it to work in game?

    Link to the posted question from someone else on answerhub :

    And the answer was posted by Rama,


    //the additive amount of rotation is the expected input (like FRotator(0,3,0) if used in tick
    FORCEINLINE void AddToActorRotation(AActor* TheActor, const FRotator& AddRot) const
    if (!TheActor) return;

    FTransform TheTransform = TheActor->GetTransform();

    Now I've put this in my Actor.h > AActor > CanBeBaseForCharacter(APawn *)const,
    but I feel this is probably misplaced, not too sure what to do from here, if someone could help me out and just explain or point me in the right direction that would be great. Also wanted to know if there are some online groups for people new to UE4 that use skype, I'd like to get back into modding and feel like I'd go a lot further with others out there.


    Anyone have an idea of where I can go to resolve this issue?


      You should post your entire custom class, and preferrably ask this on answerhub so other people can find the answer to your question in the future!

      Feel free to post a link to the answerhub after you make it

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