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Proper use of PushMaskRegion()

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    Proper use of PushMaskRegion()

    Hey guys,

    So I am trying to mask out some parts of my custom HUD (Blueprintable) with the PushMaskRegion() Function. The following command compiles, but doesn't seem to have any effect...

        Canvas->Canvas->PushMaskRegion(10,10, 100, 100);
        //draw various things
    Do you know what might be the problem or if there is any working function for masking inside the HUD?

    This is the function PushMaskRegion:

    Thanks in advance!

    Pretty sure that was a holder over from UE3 that has been deprecated. It's not in the current code that I can see. ClipX and ClipY are your best bets


      Thanks again, Joe.

      I tried to set the ClipX and ClipY Variables. But there are two problems with that approach.

      First, all this seems to do is to mess up my Mouse-Cursor (see Pic). It doesn't cut anything else. Be it a DrawTile- or a DrawText-Function.
      Click image for larger version

Name:	MouseIssue.jpg
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      Second, if setting this variables did actually work, I would need a start- AND an end-point... and not just an end point. The PushMaskRegion()-Function did this perfectly back in UE3.