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DataTable data disappearing

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    DataTable data disappearing

    Hi guys,

    Having a really strange problem when importing DataTables. I've successfully made a new 'FTableRowBase' struct and imported a .csv file into the editor. The first time I imported the .csv file all the rows were visible and poulated with data when I opened it in the editor. The second time I imported a different .csv file I'm presented with just a blank box when I open the DataTable.

    Anyone had any similar issues? I've tried creating a new test 'FTableRowBase' struct and imported a new .csv file but the problem still persists. It's probably something really simple but been stuck on this for a while now and can't seem to figure it out!

    Any help would be massively appreciated!



    I have a lot of problems with custom data tables. If I restart the editor then the line reader always unlinks from other nodes.


      Yeah finding them a bit problematic at the moment. After several hours trying to figure this one out I ended up just migrating everything to a new project. They now appear in the editor as before, not ideal but until I figure out what happened it will have to do!


        Sooooooo after a few minutes looking at it today I've figured it out. Turns out theres an option in the 'Window' top menu called 'DataTable' that needs to be checked in order for the table to be viewed in the editor. Feel a bit silly now! Haha

        Click image for larger version

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