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Calculating Projectile Velocity for Parabolic Arc

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    It seems I'm having the same issue as Greywacke, however I've coded the projectile using blueprints and not C++, and am therefore wondering how I could possibly implement something like the solution above but by using Blueprint nodes instead of C++ code?
    My flying arrow right now hits the target (from any distance) when I have "Projectile gravity scale" on my arrows "Projectile Movement" turned off (on 0).
    Doing it that way the arrow however loses any sort of arc and travels just like a linetrace, in a straight line (which is not desirable for an arrow fired from a bow).
    When turning ON the gravity (giving it a value above 0), the projectile gets its arc motion back, but falls short (or goes under the target if the target is in the air) when the player firing the arrow is too far away or/and the speed of the arrow is too low.
    Just modifying the projectile speed on the "Projectile movement" doesn't seem to solve the issue, as the higher the speed of the projectile = almost no arc motion.
    This is how my flying arrow and enemy targeting BP looks right now, and not sure how to change it so that the projectile keeps its arc, but also always goes far enough to hit the target location...

    Thanks for any help!


      Hey, thanks a lot, I have been struggling with it recently, mostly with UGameplayStatics:SuggestProjectileVelocity() functions.
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