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Proc Created Voxel World - How Do You Get elementID into BP

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    Proc Created Voxel World - How Do You Get elementID into BP

    Proc Created Minecraft Style Voxel World - Help Needed

    I recently watched Tefel do his 12hour challange in which he created the voxel world and added trees etc.
    Sadly the challange ends with a few questions left unanswerd which I request some assistance with.

    Because the world is being created in C++ and the meshes are proceduraly created a lot of what I know
    about procedural generation has gone out the window.

    So my question is how on earth do you get the material (elementID) used by one of the voxels out of
    C++ and into blueprints. Each voxel has about 20 material options and upon a trace from the player I
    need to find out what material that voxel is using.

    Without this information there is no way to work out what type of block the player is removing and therefor spawn in a reward.

    If you are familure with Tefel's voxel world example or getting elementID into BP your help would be very much appreciated.

    Found this which is how to get the value out of C++ but not sure how to proceed from here.

    Finaly after a good few hours of trial and error I managed to work out what each voxel material ID was. You simply use the above info to create a
    new function and get it that way. I did run into packaging up problems but this was due to the noiselibrary used and a broken reference. Remove the noise and you get
    flat terrain. Repairing the reference is a pest but once sorted it all packages up fine and runs with no issues.

    If you do follow Tefel's video series then you will be able to reproduce the results. Its slow going to follow 12 videos but you will learn a lot and at least
    you know it works, which is more than I did at the time. A major bonus of following the videos is that you will learn how to create procedural meshes in C++ opposed
    to through Blueprints. Another bonus is that it works in the latest 4.15.

    Thanks To
    Big thanks to Tefel for the video series and here is the link for the mining game I might make from it.

    It will be a kind of mining business simulator with the voxel world probably only seen from side on.
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